this is not ok

telling time just got 300% more confusing

aesthetically interesting, cognitively nightmarish

Teacher: What’s the time?

Me: *Mental breakdown*


burn it with fire

this is the shit that puts people in psych wards for no reason…

Thats actually not as confusing as the first look suggests, you just look at the middle and the lines in the middle.


Anonymous asked:

Do you know any spells for protection?

thepaganstudygrouppage answered:

Protection and Warding

These should help! Thanks to @natural-magics

Sirdame Snakes


A lot of people have been asking warding/protection stuff, so here is a giant composed set of great links~




LilacSyringa vulgaris

Magical Correspondences:

Element: Water

Gender: Female

Planet: Venus

The magic of lilacs is all about the otherworld, the doorway between the worlds, and the perception of things that may normally lurk just out of reach of our conscious awareness. She’s also about high romance—not just passion and attraction, but classical-style romance: knight-in-shining-armor, sonnet-composing, sweep-you-off-your-feet romance.

Magical Uses:

Chakra Balancing: To balance your energy field and the invisible wheels of light that are present along your spine, spend time in contemplation with blossoming lilac, inhaling the scent as you do so. You might also like to bring fresh lilacs into your space or healing room or employ the essence.

Magical Power: Fresh lilacs, lilac essential oil (rare, but it does exist), or lilac essence can help you slip into the space between the worlds where all magic is possible and enhance your abilities to perceive and work with subtle magical energies.

Peace: Because of lilac’s deep alignment with the subtle reality and the real truth of things (and perhaps because she’s a member of the olive family), she can help establish peace where there has been long-standing grief, drama, heartache, or strife. If she can withstand the climate, you might plant her in the garden and request that she help establish harmony in the home. You might also place lilac essence in the water supply of any person or group of people who could use these benefits, or incorporate lilac blossoms, essence, or oil into any ritual performed for the purpose of establishing peace.

Psychic Abilities: Surrounding yourself with lilacs or lilac essential oil or taking the essence can enhance and reveal your psychic abilities, especially your abilities to perceive and communicate with the spirit world. You might also try conversing with a blooming lilac and requesting that she infuse you with her ability to see into the depths and into the true nature of things.

Romance: Delicious romantic adventures—at least a few of them—are an indispensable component of a magically and spiritually balanced life. If it’s time for you to conjure up a bit of dreamy and dizzying romantic enchantment, incorporating lilacs into your magical workings is an excellent idea. For example, you might make a simple yet potent love potion by placing six drops lilac essential oil in a bottle of red wine and sharing it with a partner or love interest.

Sweet Spirit Summoning: To summon sweet and beneficent spirits into your space or to communicate with deceased loved ones, diffuse lilac essential oil or place fresh lilacs on your altar after dark and by candlelight. Relax, close your eyes, and inhale the fragrance by taking some deep breaths. Visualize the room filled with bright white light. Request an audience with your loved one or, alternately, request that sweet and beneficent spirits enter to protect you and your home and lend their wisdom and beautiful energetic essence. If you’re requesting an audience with a loved one, continue to relax and allow your mind to be open to their presence.

Spell Suggestions:

  1. add dried lilac flowers and lavender to a dream pillow to help banish night terrors and nightmares — especially ones involving spirits.
  1. add crushed dried lilac leaves and flowers to a base of talc or salt, and sprinkle near areas of unease in a house or workplace to cleanse and banish negative energy and/or spirits.
  2. take a lilac colored candle and roll in dried and crushed lilac flowers before a divination session using a method that may otherwise cause negative spirits to attach to you. (spirit boards come to mind here)
  3. after returning from cemetery work (gathering grave yard dirt, making petitions of spirits, or other work) run yourself a bath containing a small portion of salt, and a leaf or flower from a lilac plant to help cleanse yourself of any negative spirits/energy that you may have picked up.
  4. wear lilac scented perfume when going on a trip for protection. 

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This explains a lot about why I love lilacs more than for just their scent.